Recent News

March 2023: Deig Bros. welcome Lauren Mangold as the Accounts Payable Specialist.

November 2022: Deig Bros. welcomes Liz Vindhurst as Administrative Assistant.

2020 Awards

Employee News!


January 15, 2020:  Deig Bros. recevied an Outstanding Commercial Program Partner 2019 Award for Most Kilowatt-Hour Savings in 2019 for the Commercial Electric Program.

January 2020:  Deig Bros. is proud to announce it is now self-performing live Hot Taps on watermains.  Our experienced, union-trained plumbers from Local 136 will perform taps up to 12″ in diameter.  Please call Deig Bros. at 812-423-4201 for an estimate.

August 2019:  Deig Bros. welcomes Sam Mills as a General Construction Estimator.

March 2019:  Deig Bros. welcomes Tabatha Helmick as our new Project Coordinator.

January 2019:  Deig Bros. welcomes Jesse Teeter as a new electrical estimator/project manager.

September 2017:  Deig Bros. would like to welcome Drew Lasher to the team as a Mechanical Estimator.

Deig Bros. would like to announce Rob Petty as the new Yard Manager.  He started his new assignment on July 31, 2017.  Rob brings a positive attitude and strong commitment to improving Deig Bros.  Congratulations Rob!


2011 Safety Excellence

In August of 2012, Deig Bros. received a “Certificate of Commendation” for “Excellent Safety Record” from the AGC of America. In 2011, Deig Bros. had a “zero incidence rate” in the 50,000 hours worked and over category for the Building Division. The company is very honored to receive the award and would like to thank the employees of Deig Bros. for their safety awareness.